7:00 - Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:00 - Opening Remarks

8:15 - Current Developments

This presentation will provide you with the latest updates to income, gift, estate and generation skipping transfer tax laws and insight into possible upcoming changes. Andy’s presentation will help advisors to understand the tax implications of various estate planning strategies.

Andrew M. Katzenstein, JD, ACTEC - Proskauer, Partner - Los Angeles, California

9:15 - Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property

This session will explore ways to structure foreign investment in U.S. real estate in a manner that balances U.S. estate tax protection and favorable U.S. income tax rate on capital gains.

Robert H. Moore, JD, LLM - Baker McKenzie, Partner - Miami, Florida

10:15 - Break

10:45 - Modern Uses of Partnerships in Estate Planning

Income tax planning and tax basis management will be at the forefront of estate planning, regardless of the form of tax reform. Paul will demonstrate how entities taxed as partnerships are the ideal vehicle in this new paradigm.

Paul S. Lee, JD, ACTEC - Northern Trust, Global Fiduciary Strategist - New York, New York

11:45 - Fiduciary Litigation and Financial Elder Abuse – The Band Plays On

We start off with a review of recent cases and developing trends in the rapidly growing areas of trust and estate litigation and financial elder abuse. Bruce’s presentation will help you to become more aware of potential mine fields and how to avoid them.

Bruce S. Ross, JD, ACTEC - Holland & Knight, Partner - Los Angeles, California

12:45 - Lunch

1:00 - Lunch Presentation - Life Insurance Premium Financing

This presentation will compare and contrast the benefits of using financing when purchasing life insurance versus conventional means to provide estate liquidity and enhance wealth transfer. This session will offer several case studies illustrating the power of financing.

Julian Movsesian - Succession Capital Alliance, CEO and President - Newport Beach, California

2:00 - Cross-Border Philanthropy & Anti-Terrorism Rules

Jane will discuss how to advise clients who have moved here from abroad, clients whose private foundations fund charitable projects abroad or U.S. charities that want to raise money abroad. She will cover what will work and what will fail.

Jane Peebles, JD, ACTEC, TEP - Karlin & Peebles, Partner - Los Angeles, California

3:00 - Break

3:30 - U.S. Business Owners Moving to Canada & Canadians Investing in U.S. Assets

Canadians are increasingly investing in the U.S. and need your help and expertise. This presentation will cover cross-border real property and business investments. Michael will also discuss planning opportunities for U.S. business owners who plan to move to Canada.

Michael Cadesky, FCA, FCPA, TEP - Cadesky Tax, Partner - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

4:30 - Key to Building Wealth and Accomplishing Positive Tax Planning

The keys to successful financial planning is to build wealth for your clients as reasonably rapidly and safely as possible with minimal erosion by taxation. Jonathan and Jeff will explain the fundamentals of these truths and how to best achieve them.

Jonathan Blattmachr, JD, ACTEC, TEP - Pioneer Wealth Partners, Principal - New York, New York

Jeff B. Glickman, BGSCS, FACFE, BCFE - J4 Capital LLC - Bothell, Washington

5:30 - Cocktail Reception

7:30 - Dinner on Your Own


7:00 - Continental Breakfast

8:00 - International Tax Reporting Requirements

Jim and Sean will discuss the important tax reporting and disclosures required of U.S. persons with foreign assets and foreign persons with U.S. assets under FATCA and intergovernmental agreements.

James B. O’Neal, JD, LLM, TEP - Rutan & Tucker, Partner - Irvine, California

Sean K. McFerson, CPA, MBT - Windes, Partner - Long Beach, California

9:00 - Top Tax Tips for Making Divorce Less Taxing

Understanding the tax implications of divorce can be extremely helpful to estate planning, tax and financial advisors. Justin will provide a checklist that you can use to assist your clients with key tax issues in simple to complex divorces.

Justin Miller, JD, LLM, ACTEC, TEP - National Wealth Strategist, BNY Mellon - San Francisco, California

10:00 - Break

10:30 - Strategies for Reporting Gifts and Allocating GSTT

There are ways to minimize taxes when reporting gifts and allocating GSTT exemption. Keith will provide a sample gift tax return to illustrate GSTT exemption allocation options, along with sample language for ensuring adequate disclosure.

Keith Schiller, JD, MBA - Schiller Law Group, Owner - Alamo, California

11:30 - Self-Settled Trusts in Foreign Jurisdictions

Offshore planning with proper self-settled spendthrift trusts structured as completed gifts may help many clients effectively transfer assets to achieve tax savings, yet allow them to remain secure with the knowledge that the transferred assets may be accessible in the event of financial hard times.

Jerome L. Wolf, JD, ACTEC, TEP - Katz Baskies Wolf, Partner - Boca Raton, Florida

12:30 - Lunch

12:45 - Lunch Presentation - Planning and Administering Spendthrift Trusts in Tension with Public Policies

In striking a balance between restraints on alienation and the rights of judgment creditors with respect to spendthrift trusts, legislatures have created confusion. Margaret will demystify California's spendthrift laws and provide practical advice for those who plan and administer spendthrift trusts.

Margaret M. Hand, JD, ACTEC - Hartog, Bear, Hand, Partner - Orinda, California

1:45 - Cutting Edge Trusts: How to Make Best Use of Them

There have been recent dramatic developments in trust laws and practices. Warren will cover the pros and cons of perpetual trusts, self-settled asset protection trusts, trust protectors, directed trusts with investment advisors, distribution advisors and U.S. trusts that are treated as foreign for tax purposes.

G. “Warren” Whitaker, JD, ACTEC, TEP - Day Pitney, Partner - New York, New York

2:45 - Break

3:15 - Pitfalls & Best Practices of Insurance Planning

This presentation will focus on a series of life insurance planning mistakes which are commonly made in an estate planning context. In addition to identifying the common mistakes, the presentation will also offer suggestions for how to avoid those mistakes in planning for the use of life insurance in a client’s estate plan.

Lawrence “Larry” Brody, JD, LLM, ACTEC - Bryan Cave, Partner - St. Louis, Missouri

4:15 - Different Approaches to Sophisticated Tax Strategies

Estate planning and tax conferences address a host of planning opportunities. Advisors adopt some strategies and eschew others, whether due to their mindset or practice. Rick and Matt will discuss where and why they agree or disagree on certain sophisticated planning strategies.

Rick Albrecht, JD, LLM, TEP - Albrecht & Barney, Partner - Irvine, California

Matt Brown, JD, ACTEC, TEP - Brown & Streza, Partner - Irvine, California

5:15 - Closing Remarks