Please note that there are two different STEP Orange County applications: (1) one if you have more than ten years estate or tax planning related experience and (2) one if you have less than ten years.
We welcome you to become a Member of STEP Orange County. Once a Member, you will immediately have opportunities to enhance your career and better your clients through relationships with other STEP Members. You will receive the monthly STEP Journal which is filled with useful articles from top professionals throughout the world and regular news updates which will keep you up-to-date with the latest industry developments. You will be entitled to use the valued TEP designation which stand for “Trust and Estate Practitioner” and the STEP Orange County logo which will give clients and employers confidence that you possess the knowledge and skills required, and that you adhere to the STEP Code of Professional Conduct.
Your Membership will also provide you with access to the members directly, as well you will be listed in the directory which ensures you are visible to potential clients and other professionals who may need your services. You can also join one or all of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which provide you with the opportunity to exchange knowledge with people who work within your specialized area, all around the world.
Please note that STEP Membership requires that the applicant hold a relevant, professional qualification, and be able to demonstrate a minimum 10 years of experience in inheritance and succession planning, working at a leadership level in the industry in practice or academia, and be considered an expert by peers. Also, the Application requires four recommendations (two of which need to be from a STEP Member) and there will be a background checks using the Thomson Reuters World-Check One service.
Please contact a Board Member if you need any assistance completing the Application. Thank you for considering membership with STEP Orange County.